Sunday, August 1, 2010

Disaster Thwarted - Again

Howard here, since I posted the note about our camper tire problems outside of Mesa Verde, the kids have caught up on some of the delayed posts which has disrupted the narrative timeline of our blog. As I wrote previously, the night before last about 25 miles from Mesa Verde, we suffered the failure of the camper spare tire that we had mounted less than an hour before. It was about 7:30 on a Friday night and we were unable to get timely assistance. What proved to be a better plan unfolded. We pulled the disabled trailer off the highway into the driveway of a small church and left it there. We pressed on to Cortez which is the major town near Mesa Verde and got a room for the night. While Eve checked in, I went across the street to the 24 hour Walmart which sells mounted trailer tires. They did not have exactly what we needed so at 7:00 the next morning, I went to the Big O Tire Store which was right next door to the motel. By 7:15, I had a brand new tire mounted on the rim and by 8:00, Eve and I had returned to the trailer, changed the tire and were on our way back to the motel with the trailer safely in tow. We bought a second new tire and rim and by 10:30 we had checked into the campground and were on our way to the Mesa Verde National Park. Above is a picture of our camper the A and A Campground Mesa Verde and the failed spare. As of today, we have travelled 6308 miles and are 1963 miles from Sullivan's Island.

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