Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The steam boat Arabia

Today, August the third, we went to see the steam boat Arabia. It was paddling down the Missouri river when it hit a snag and sank in 1856. It eventually was covered with silt and was preserved. The river moved, and it was dug up in 1988. It was full of well preserved artifacts. Among these were a donkey named Lawrence and a bunch of cool keys. There were also lots of boots, shoes, china, cloth, buttons, beeds, bottles, etcetera.


  1. How did they know the donkey's name was Lawrence. Was he still talking when they unearthed him? Mr. Lawrence, the talking dead donkey. Ha. Your mom

  2. He was actually a mule and the interesting story is that his owner claimed in a newspaper interview after the sinking that he tried to save the mule by cutting his halter but he was too stubborn to leave the ship. They found the halter intact, the mule still securely tied to a saw horse and proved the owner a liar. H