Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Thunderous Thursday Morning

Howard here, Thursday morning finds us hunkered down in a tremendous thunderstorm at the Whittington Woods campground in Whittington, Illinois. It's 8:00 in the morning and dark as night outside. You might not find Whittington on the map, it's very small and south of Mount Vernon. The campground is quiet and lovely. We had a double lot and for an hour yesterday, a private swimming pool. We have traveled 7,847 miles now and are 773 miles from Sullivan's Island. We're spending tonight in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

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  1. The campground looks idyllic - kind of what Howard was looking for when he last left the highway, I think. I'm sorry to hear about the storm and hope you all will have a safe trip to the Smokeys. I'm also glad to hear that Eve and Maryrose made it home safely - I 've laughed through all the recent comments. Is all well at home and have the animals forgiven you all for leaving? Safe travels and lots of love - Olga