Tuesday, August 3, 2010

They're Off!

Howard here, Eve and Maryrose are on their way home. We dropped them off at Kansas City International to fly home this afternoon. Eve has a job related meeting tomorrow and poor Maryrose is sick of being cooped up with her brothers and misses her animals. The boys and I are in Platte City Missouri after having visited the museum containing the recovered treasures from the river steamboat ARABIA lost in the Missouri River in 1856. What a museum! I had great pleasure sharing my HUNLEY observations. We found our campground with the help of one of Platte City's finest who stopped us for running a stop sign. My introduction to him was, "Good afternoon officer, my name is Howard Stone and I'm lost!" We both had a chuckle. More later.

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  1. Howard, I know you suffer from testosterone poisoning, but there are less hazardous ways to obtain navigational assistance. Eve